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Laser Dentistry, Burbank CA

With our Picasso Laser, Dr. Ho is able to perform the following techniques. Lasers are much more comfortable than traditional techniques and tend to be more effective as they sterilize the area at the same time.

Fast relief for painful mouth sores:

Do you have frequent mouth sores (canker sores or cold sores) that are painful? Now we can use biostimulation to provide relief of pain and faster healing. The laser is gently waved over the sore like a flash light and does not contact the lesion. This makes it feel more comfortable within minutes. Our laser has a biostimulation effect whereby it stimulates blood flow to the area and prompts the body to bring in it’s own natural healing cells.

Minor Gum Procedures

We can now use the laser after a deep cleaning appointment to encourage the best possible healing and to help manage chronic gum disease (also known as periodontal disease). Recent studies show that lasers can reduce the bacteria in a diseased gum pocket by up to 97% and increase the blood flow to the area for better healing.


The laser also can be used to release frenum pull. A frenum is a fibrous band of tissue that connects to the gum tissue. When the frenum is excessive it can cause permanent separation of the two front teeth or it may cause unsightly gum recession. A short frenum under the tongue, is often called “tongue tied”. Many of these problems can be taken care of without surgical cutting and there is no need for stitches when a laser is used!

Uneven gum line

Sometimes the front teeth have unsightly uneven gums. In simple cases, the gum tissue can be reshaped with a laser. More complex cases require the skill of a periodontist to re-contour both the gum and underlying bone.